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4-Hour Funding Programs

Application-Only Program

4 Hour Funding offers you an Application-Only approval program for up to $200,000, but the rules can vary based on the amount. Unlike many firms, 4 Hour Funding looks at numerous non-credit bureaus and scoring information to approve deals. Factors that may allow us to approve deals outside of our normal parameters include:

  • The company (or business owner) owns the business real estate
  • Extremely good bank balances (over $25,000+)
  • Long time in business (10+ years)
Application-Only $150k-$200k Program

4 Hour Funding now offers Application-Only approvals for amounts between $150,000 and $200,000.

Laser & Light Therapy Program

Certain types of Laser and Light Equipment are not acceptable for financing through the Centra 4 Hour Funding system. Weaker Laser Systems (class 1 and 2) and LED Therapy equipment have very few medical benefits and 4 Hour Funding does not believe that customers can economically employ these units.  All lasers must be FDA Approved – not just FDA cleared.

Medical/Dental Program

The Medical and Dental Program gives your applicant credit for the time in business based upon their medical license start date versus their practice start date.  As a result, your medical and dental applications will score out at a better credit tier and will also allow you to offer attractive payments your new and start-up medical applications. 

No Prepayment Penalty Contract Program

4 Hour Funding now offers the no prepayment penalty program for customers who specifically ask for this feature or want a short-term funding solution and do not want to be locked into a long-term contract. Not many lenders offer this program, but this is perfect for competitive situations. 

New Business Program Up to $75K

4 Hour Funding offers a New Business Program for businesses incorporated for less than 2 years up to $75K for select equipment and industries.

90-Day Deferral Program

Your customers may be eligible for the “90-Day Deferral Program”.  This program is restricted to customers approved at credit tier 2A or better.

6-Month Step Program

This new program offers deferral contract beyond 90-days and is only offered for amounts between $35,000 and $100,000. This program is restricted to applications approved for credit tiers 1A, 1B, or 2A. 

Monthly Bonus Program

4 Hour Funding is currently offering Brokers the ability to earn a monthly bonus based upon your monthly production.


Customer Online Portal

Customers can easily manage their EFA with the all-new Customer Online Portal - customers can do the following:

  • Check Loan Balance(s)
    • Track payment history, upcoming payments, current loan balance, and maturity dates.
  • Apply for Additional Financing
    • The application gets automatically entered into our work queue for faster responses.
  • Make Additional Payments
    • Customers can quickly submit additional payments to pay off their EFA faster
  • Contact Customer Service
    • Customers can either submit a ticket or contact our Customer Service Team

To ensure the security of your Customer's loan details, the Customer Online Portal is a closed community. If your Customer needs access, please contact our Customer Service Team at customerservice@centrafunding.com.