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Vendor Validation Requirements

4 Hour Funding LLC and Centra Funding, LLC must approve any vendor/supplier.  Prefunding is not available for firms under 18 months in business and all vendors must operate out of a commercial location.  Special exceptions are made through your 4 Hour Representative.  To get your vendor/supplier approved, please Click  the application link below:  

Items Needed on your Vendor Validation Report:

1. Proof of business entity (SOS filing, Assumed Name license, etc...)
2. Two directory assistance listings
3. Vendor void check (if large vendor -need vendor's official electronic payment instruction)
4. If vendor is under 4 years in business, need signed Prefund Agreement (click
here for Prefund Agreement)

Note: Your vendor applicaton must include electronic payment proof (void check or an payment remittance instructions on the vendor letterhead)


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